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"Our Quality Assurance plan & procedure followed to ensure quality"

Eskay Industrial Enterprises are ,aintaining the quality of our products as per ISI or customers specification. Standard procedure of check and inspection at our works can be enumerated as follows :-

After the patterns are made, the same are checked as per the requirements keeping allowance for contraction and machining, wherever required.
The mould in the floor are checked before casting.
Adequate supervision is done at the time of pouring of the metal in moulds to minimise and as far as possible, eliminate the chances of blow holes, cold shut inclusion of impurities in the molten metal.
The rough casting are checked first visually and then dimensionally. Defective casting are rejected.
The casting are dimensionally checked at the time of and after machining.
The pipes & pipe fitting are hydraulically tested to ensure that the metal withstand the required test pressure.
Finally the supervision is done for grinding, fettling and painting before despatch.
Tensile hardness tests are periodically carried out to ensure the grade of the casting.
Corrective measure are taken wherever any deviation is found to ensure non-recurrence.
Regular inspection by 3rd Inspection Agencies, e.g. :
  • Directorate of Inspection
  • Rites ( India )
  • SGS ( India )
  • Regional Testing Laboratory
  • Our customers etc, etc.

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